Colour Case Hardening

The fine nuances and agleam colours paired with high surface hardness make it the first-grade Colour Case Hardening. At the same time it reduces mechanical wear and inhibits corrosion. Perfect hardened parts on a Bolt Action Rifle for instance, will make the Bolt move in the Action “like on ice”.

The best Colour Case Harding is only as good as the lacquer that protects it. For that reason we worked closely with one of the leading German Institutes to develop an extremely wear-resistant Nano-Lacquer. This coat adds only a very thin layer to fully emphasise the engraving.

This especially developed lacquer greatly extends the life and the beautiful looks of the new Colour Case Hardening.

Small Colour Case Hardening Gallery

® 2008 Max Ern, Master Gunmaker
Schlebusch b. Cöln i. Rheinland