A family business with history


The name Ern originates from Solingen and is for centuries intrinsically tied to the production of blades.


Here in Schlebusch, the place of manufacture of our Hunting Guns, our coat of arms bears the “Wolfsangel” for centuries.

Already in Germanic time used as a symbol for the hunt is it still used today as our master trademark.

Max Ern

Gunmaker with more then 30 years of professional experience.

Bernhard Ern B.Sc.RWTH

Student at the RWTH Aachen, Computer science

Max Ern Sen. Max Ern Jun. Bernhard Ern Evelyn Ern

Max Ern


Evelyn Ern

Engraver with over 30 years of professional experience

® 2008 Max Ern, Master Gunmaker
Schlebusch b. Cöln i. Rheinland