Engravings of Evelyn Ern

Engraving of a custom made Gun in our workshop is not just an improvement of the look. It is the engraving that incon-spicuously adapts to the entire appearance of the Gun and after all significantly expresses the personality of the buyer.

Whether engravings with delicate bouquets of roses, which partly are melting into each other in the different colours of gold, inviting the eyes over and over to look again or the more distinctive English Scroll that gives it the royal look, first class English Engravings are always assiduous work.

Gravuren Gravuren

Paired with the right techniques an unexcelled, almost stereoscopic dept arises. Additionally the distribution has to be harmonic as well as it has to follow the classical lines to unite individuality and proper style.

® 2008 Max Ern, Master Gunmaker
Schlebusch b. Cöln i. Rheinland