Side Lock




It is hardly imaginable that well known products such as Hunting Guns even need to be new engineered. In the process every single time several thousand individual measurements for almost hundred parts need to be defined and coordinated. Today modern technology enables us to provide you with system solutions that would not have been possible some years ago.


The completely new engineered “Roller-Side-Lock” with strike-curve, characterises in a very fast Lock-Time and in reliable detonation. The rather weak “Swivel” of the conventional Side Lock is replaced with massive Rollers, from which the energy will be passed onto the Tumbler.

The parts of the lock are arranged on to levels. This way the overall height of the complete lock is significantly reduced and positively affects the overall appearance of the Gun.


The Interceptor Sear is installed force-neutral. This means, that from whatever direction a shock impulse is applied, it can not bounce out of the Sear-Bent. Advantageous leverage on the sear will ensure a crisp trigger with an increased dept on the Sear-Bent.

® 2008 Max Ern, Master Gunmaker
Schlebusch b. Cöln i. Rheinland