Butterfly Rifle

In consideration of the enormous performance of this butterfly here some particulars about it.


These butterflies with a wing-spread of about 10cm take off in the autumn from their summer location, which stretches out to the south of Canada, to the winter location in the mountain forest of the Sierra Madre in central Mexico. The butterflies overcome the unimaginable distance from up to 3500km.

Gravuren Gravuren

The first Monarches arrive again in Canada at the end of May. From September on the “Great-Grandchild’s” and “Great-Great-Grandchild’s” start their escapes from the winter. They are led from a kind of genetic travel information which makes them keep their exceptional travel cycles for centuries. How these little creatures manage to do and repeat it year after year is unknown to present times.

The American Monarch-Butterfly ranks among the most beautiful motives to create in the different colours of gold inlays.

Small Butterfly Rifle Gallery

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