Rising Bite Action



We are one of the very few companies that implement ideas and program in house. Subsequently every single part, starting by the barrel, will be made from the scratch into a blank and finally finished by a skilled tradesman.

All Actions of our guns are newly calculated. If not requested different, all guns will be made with our durable Rising Bite 3rd Fastener. This form of extended rib enables us to make considerably more elegant Actions with the same strength. This will reduce weight and improves the balance of the gun.

An extended rib is essential for a 100% lockup of the Action. Going without it will result in “Gapping” during the build up of pressure. This means, that for a very short time, a gap between the barrel and the breech will build up during the process of shooting.

Under the backpressure of the present high power Rifle Cartridges the “Gapping” will not just put strain on the Action it will also result in a down flip of the muzzle. In particular with an oily chamber and the absence of an extended rib, the point of impact can considerably change downwards under the resulting extensive pressure on the breech.

® 2008 Max Ern, Master Gunmaker
Schlebusch b. Cöln i. Rheinland